The Sheiling
 Umbrella Head
 2000 - 2003
 Album (LP) Tributalbum
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 Dylan Jones(v), Ian Gulley (g), Lucy Jones (vio,g)

zusätzliche Musiker:

Alan Coopey (g), Bethan Ifans (v), Sam Christie (perc) 


The Sheiling' was formed initially as a loose band of Aberystwyth musicians assembled by vocalist Dylan Jones to practice, and then record, an album primarily of traditional music. With Ian Gulley (GwerinAberfolk) on guitar, Lucy Jones on fiddle, and Bethan Ifans and Steve Blaquire respectively on vocals and fretless bass - the album was completed in just over a year.

Reviewed in 'Taplas' A Touch of Rain was praised for its 'beautiful vocals' and particularly for the 'unsurpassable musicianship' to be found on the versions of 'The Flower of Magheryallyo' and 'Let no Man Steal your Thyme'.

The folk/roots review site Rambles also recommended the album in order to hear 'two vocalists at the top of their game'.

There are two guest appearances, the excellent violinist Jerry Bloom (on The Flower of Magherallyo); and Derek Prior, who provides vocals, guitar and harmonica on his own composition 'Sparrows'. The album includes a number of interesting covers including two Nick Drake songs ('Clothes of Sand' and 'Joey'), as well as Kate Wolf's haunting classic 'Across the Great Divide'.

The band name was taken from the title of a poem by Edward Thomas. The spelling is that used by Thomas, although there are variations including 'shealing' and 'shieling'.

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary its meaning is 1. 'A roughly constructed hut' originally esp. for pastoral use. 2. Pasture for cattle (scots shiel 'hut': of unknown origin). The literary association of the band name ties in neatly with the title track, 'A touch of Rain'. Which is a setting of another Edward Thomas poem 'Like the Touch of Rain She Was'; and this is also linked to the setting of the Eleanor Farjeon verse 'The Night Will Never Stay'. Farjeon and Thomas were closely associated in life - an account of which is to be found in her memoir 'The Last Four Years'.

The second 'Sheiling' album 'Shape I'm In' has a different line-up. The father & daughter partnership is retained on vocal and violin, but with the addition of songwriter Alan Coopey on guitar, the album has a more rootsy feel.

This time more than half of the songs are original. Once more there are some interesting covers - including Nick Drake again, and also songs by Tim Buckley and Gram Parsons.

Guest musicians on the album are Dave Moore (whistle) and Amy Sterly (bass).

In the summer of 2003 Dylan Jones worked on old demos and out-take material from both of these albums to form the collection 'Remnants'.

In addition to acoustic versions of previously recorded songs (which allow Ian Gulley's delicate guitar-work to shine), the album includes a version of Nick Drake's 'From the Morning' and a restrained laid-back version of Tim Buckley's 'Chase the Blues Away', which features Sam Christie on congas.

Since this time there have been occasional collaborations between Alan Coopey & Dylan Jones. Three new songs - 'Sister of the Mountain' 'The Way You Dance' & 'Place I Need to Be' can be heard by contacting The Sheiling site on Myspace Music.

More recently Dylan Jones has made a few preliminary recordings with Geert DeWilde & Laura Jones. Work in progress can be heard on their Myspace site Jones, DeWilde & Jones.

(Umbrella Head)

Songs 8 Tracks
1 From The Morning (Nick Drake)
2 Clothes Of Sand (Nick Drake)
3 Song To The Siren (Tim Buckley, Larry Beckett)
4 Phantasmagoria In Two (Tim Buckley)
5 Milk And Honey (Jackson C. Frank)
9 She Moved Through The Fair (Traditional, Herbert Hughes, Padraic Colum)
10 Chase The Blues Away (Tim Buckley)
12 Sing A Song For You (Tim Buckley)
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