"The River"
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AutorenTim Buckley
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One of Tim Buckley's more epic and lengthy compositions of the period, 1969's "The River" closes out Blue Afternoon with great style and showcased his ability to fuse his confessional leanings with the beauty and majesty of the natural world. Utilizing the "river" as a metaphor for his life and soul's journey, Buckley sets forth here a set of allegories and parables that rival possibly only Bob Dylan and Neil Young at the time. Musically, it is a very simple, blues-based song, with the usual, fabulous vibe touches from guest David Freidman.
(by Matthew Greenwald, allmusic.com)

I live by the river
And I hide my house away
Then just like the river
I can change my ways
Oh, if you come to love me
You would stay forever
Inside my heart
Inside my dreams
And time will fade
In time we'll love

In the street we walk as beggars
In the alley faithless kings
Ah, but it's the truth of life
That chains us in between
Those lost moments we steal
To keep our love alive
And our prize so tired
after all the pain

And time will fade
In time we'll love

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