"Chase The Blues Away"
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AutorenTim Buckley
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Led by a dark, almost foreboding, jazz-inspired melody, "Chase the Blues Away" is one of Tim Buckley's most inspiring and mysterious creations of the 1969 period. The loose, near-modal quality has an intoxicating feel, and this is mirrored by the lustful, sensual lyrics. The title may have been taken from his "Strange Feelin'," a standout on his epic 1968 album Happy Sad. Certainly not the only time that a songwriter wrote a variation on his own work, and, in this case, it succeeds admirably.

(Matthew Greenwald, allmusic.com)

Well come along walk with me
And learn the songs that lovers sing
When they believe

We'll dance along the river's edge
Just arm and arm along the moonlit shore
The midnight cries

I just came to chase the blues away
For awhile

Just like a child you'll cling to me
From every sound along that rushes near
I whisper: "It's just the breeze"

That licks your skin and rubs your breast
And as we lay our rivers flow away
Your woman fear

Lord I just came to chase the blues away
Ah, for awhile

With the morning sun we'll wake
And lift our eyes and watch the eagle fly
Up mountain high

And on his wings our love will climb
And never fail until he soars and dives
Oh, he'll take your breath away

Well, he just came to chase the blues away
For awhile

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